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Kevin Jonas: Sticking to the Faith

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February 03, 2014

Kevin Jonas: Sticking to the Faith
       Former band Jonas band member, Kevin Jonas, is the eldest of four three brothers: Joseph, Nicholas, and Franklin Jonas. He and his brothers are considered "pastor kids" and have formed the well-known early 2000's pop group, The Jonas Brothers. Kevin's youngest brother, Franklin, was not close in age to his older three brothers therefore, not being included in the pop group. The band group ended their tour on October 2013 so that Joseph and Nicholas could both pursue solo careers in the music industry ("Kevin Jonas Biography").

       The reason why the band formed was so that they could spread the Gospel through their music. Their music became popular amongst the younger teenage generation since they included much rhythm in their music and a different style beat than was accustomed at that time. Kevin Jonas explained his brothers and his view on why they're reaching out to Christian audiences despite that their music is very nontraditional: "...Our whole thing is to play mainstream music but to be a light in a dark world and to tell people that we are  Christians when they ask, 'What's so different about you?' We're like, 'Well, we're Christians and we love the Lord.' That's our opportunity to witness to people. We just feel like this is where we belong" ("The Jonas Brothers on Faith").

      Kevin Jonas is considered to be the quietest and less standout brother in the Jonas Brothers. Joseph and Nicholas have become the heartthrobs of teenage girls since their band group began touring. It was in May 2007 that Kevin found his future bride, Danielle Deleasa, who was a former hairdresser for the Jonas Brothers. Kevin's relationship with Danielle became more serious; the two wedded on December 19, 2009 at Long Island ("Kevin Jonas…"). One can observe Kevin to be sticking to the laws of the Scripture (the Bible) because the only woman he dated was the woman he married. It is not just his single-relationship he had with Danielle that makes him more Christian than his brothers, but the way he acts in society.

      Joseph and Nicholas have often found themselves to be the headlines of several entertainment tabloids in the past, which speaks on their troubled past dating relationships to their involvement with the law. Please do not misread what is being said. It was only two months ago that Joseph thought it suitable to blame the Disney company for his downfall in drugs and other unruly behavior from a statement he made on his social network page, twitter (Andrews). However, Joseph's blame on Disney should not have been the approach to take. In reality, it was his own personal fault that he allowed himself to fall into the temptations of the world. 

      Nicholas Jonas, on the other hand, is not as involved in drugs as brother Joseph. The primary struggle that Nicholas has is having many girls in his life. There is no question that Joseph has had many relationships with girls in his life, but he allowed further materialistic things become a problem in his life other than girls. Nicholas was in multiple relationships: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Samantha Barks, etc. Being with several girls is not wrong, but it is how a relationship is executed that makes it wrong. No one can make accusations against Joseph and Nicholas on their behaviors because they have not known either of the young adults personally. 

      The observations that have been made on Joseph and Nicholas just shows how much more serious Kevin is in his family's religion. There has been no tabloids or explicit comments that Kevin made that would cause questions to surface regarding his faith. Also, Kevin seems to not be a person who would hold a grudge against another person as quickly as Joseph. The tabloids do make a note that Joseph does have an explosive temperament. Therefore, the known fact is that Kevin has been seen as not getting into the "troubles" that Joseph and Nicholas have been getting into since their band begun and ended. 

      There are some girls who do have "so-called" crushes on Kevin, despite the fact he is married, but that does not explain Kevin not sticking to the "faith" that his parents have taught him to live by. Kevin considers himself to be a devout Christian who seeks to honor the One True God by adhering to His laws. Yes, there are several times when Kevin would find himself stumbling over temptations of "going bad" because of all of the worldly publicity. 

      Today, Kevin and Danielle recently welcomed their first child, a girl, into the world on February 01, 2014. They chose the name "Alena Rose" because the name "Alena" was cute and the name "Rose" had a special meaning to their family ("Kevin, Danielle Jonas…"). It is apparent that Kevin will strive to teach Alena to walk in the footsteps of her father, mother, and grandparents. It will be hard for her to not avoid the fact that her father is a former celebrity, but that should not hinder her ability to come to know Christ as her personal Savior.

      Prior to commenting on this post, the statements made about Joseph and Nicholas Jonas' faith is only a personal opinion by the author. Please do not make aggressive comments to this post as this post is only a way to help broaden the understanding of how difficult it is for Christian celebrities to remain faithful to their family religion. Kevin Jonas has proved much by hinting in the tabloids that he is not going to do anything against what Scripture says. Thank you for reading. 

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    Now I strongly think that you should use a credible source instead of your opinion on things. You can say what you think, but you have to be able to back it up with sources. You should cite the part where Kevin stated publicly that he was a Christian.
    Thanks sis Grace and peace

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